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BotW Modding (Beyond the Accio Code)

A Forum Thread for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (WiiU)

Will there ever be a way to mod Breath of the Wild? I know there's the Accio code, which lets you spawn whatever whenever wherever, but I was thinking something more like being able to mod the color of the Champion's Tunic, since you can't die it, or changing Link's hair color, or anything like that. Will that ever be possible?


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    It is possible. What's even possible is that you can do model import on BOTW.
    KillzXGaming made a BFRES Model Import and some of the screenshot is the Happy Mask Salesman as Link in BOTW.

    But I believe that you can edit the parameter of the game and change the coding.
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    As an aside, why not move this thread to the actual BotW section?
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    Yea you can even edit the model entirely if you want.

    I mainly do re-textures/re-colors of things.  I made a re-texture of the Champion's Tunic that resembles the Windwaker Outset Island outfit.
    Uhm What?


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