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how to make this w_ models :/ althought when on the ground and player hold it still work fine, but on the back is not. so.. how to fix this, This is my qc
 $cd "C:\Users\Toan\Desktop\New folder (5)"$modelname "weapons\w_rif_sg552.mdl"$model "studio" "toan.smd"$cdmaterials "models\weapons\v_models\CW\"$hboxset "default"$hbox 0 "ValveBiped" 0.000  0.000  0.000  1.227  4.372  5.826$hbox 0 "ValveBiped.weapon_bone" -2.296  -9.080  -14.447  0.458  4.992  20.250$attachment "muzzle_flash" "ValveBiped.flash" 0.00 0.60 -2.00 rotate -90.00 -0.00 0.00$surfaceprop "weapon"$keyvalues  { prop_data { "base" "Metal.Small"  } } $illumposition 8.727 0.308 2.328$sequence idle "idle" fps 30.00$collisionmodel "1.smd"{	$mass 10.0	$inertia 1.00	$damping 0.00	$rotdamping 0.00}



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