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 Hello, I'm Jimmy Lander (not my real name), I'm 18 y/o and I have limited knowledge of modding and code, which is why I don't really feel in place here. I've been playing pc games since I was quite young and I've recently developed an interest in how games, and computers in general, work. I'm not usually shy, but I'm mostly reserved and am a firm introvert.

I've always had a thing for design - decorating, matching colors and mostly creating atmosphere. That is why I came to the conclusion that the perfect career path for me would be in level design and thus I descended down that path by getting familiar with the Valve Hammer Editor. So this brings me to why I am here - I'm here to hopefully post some of my humble maps (which I would also be doing in the steam workshop for Garry's Mod).

I'm currently only using stock assets for my maps (aka valve-created textures and more), but I am taking things slowly and am trying to learn as much as possible. I'm planning to start learning my first scripting language (lua) soon and will probably study computer science once (if) I get into university.

I'm sorry for the longer-than-usual introduction, but these are basically all the major things about me. I don't usually put myself in places where I feel I'm not particularly in my zone of expertise so to say but hey - it's a step in some direction isn't it? So yeah, hi!



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