Suikoden III

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As a hardcore JRPG adventurer, I cant describe how much I like and enjoy the Suikoden franchise.
And I dont know if anyone here is aware, but there are several youtubers going on with the S.O.S (Summer of Suikoden), like Super Derek, they've been doing let's plays, playthroughs and more, for about a month now, so I want to add to it, and support it, since this franchise needs to comeback stronger with a solid new entry.
I want to add this tribute I made a couple years back, when I fell in love with suikoden 3, I made this tribute with passion and heart on it (people that beat the game will get it better), I want to share it with you and hopefully you will share it too, this video was blocked on 90% of the planet by PONYCANYON I sent a reply on the copyright claim and they kindly unblocked it just in time, so, I think it's proper to share it now.
How many of you have played one game on the franchise, or who around here is a suikoden fan? which is your favorite game? As much as I like Suikdeon III (as you can tell) my favorite is Suikoden 2, nothing can beat the great storytelling and the fantastic pixel art which that game is, just like Chrono Trigger and SotN.
If you are JRPG fans (well I hope so) I want to encourage you to share your suikoden goodies, memories or memes and take a look at the S.O.S


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