So "crazy hand" is playable w/out mods... wtf?

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I was packing some mods and i ran the game thru Sdcafiine... and then noticed that my SD was in my computer (lol epic fail) and the game ran modless . The "Wtf?!" part started when i was watching my replays . 1st , in the vid , there was a white square instead of mii enemy (gunner) gun stock , then , instead of said char's UI , there was crazy hand's one . When played the replay , the char (enemii gunner)  was headless and the BP and the nameplate was the ones from crazy hand . And when the results screen part arrived , the char was still headless , but w/ enemii gunner UI. Can sumone explain what is goin on ?


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    It did that with me, it showed Master Hand instead of the Enemii Brawler. I'm not entirely sure on why it does that.

    Edit: the real question is what would it be for the Swordsman? Them together? Also, I made the replay seriously clickbaity by saying "MASTER HAND!!!!!!"
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    Because w/out whatever mods you put there (place holder) they don't load properly... Example all final smash characters, & enemy miis (4 player smash) don't have any UI in-game so they either leave it blank, create it themselves (final smash UI), or use an existing fighter one (Mario)...
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    If you used Easy CSS Editor, this can happen. The program messes with more than you think in ui_character_db.bin. Don't use it if you do. Manual is the way to go.
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    I remember starting a random smash game in single player and one of the CPU was little mac but he was literally in his finally smash form the entire match. I had no items on or anything. It's so random how your smash can bug out like that. 
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