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Can we change nametags length ?

A Forum Thread for Super Smash Bros. for Wii U

Magicscrumpy did a vid with insanely long nametags in melee because he edited the limit from 4 letters to ... well i don't know .-. Can we do the same in sm4sh ? We can already change the nametag characters , and i find the characters limit being to 10 quite reasonable , but i want more just .
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    Impossible, someone said in my hidden characters tutorial that it will crash the game if there are too many letters.
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    Well, no. Plus I like the limit it's at, it's only at 10 because of 8 Player Smash. But still, I find the limit to be better than it was before.
    C L O U D
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    nibbles_517 Joined 2y ago
    What you COULD do...
    One of the many text files you can edit, I can't remember what extension they use, contains the names that the random name generator would use. Edit all of the random names in that file to one that is not than 10 characters in length. Then in game when you keep hitting the random, the names should randomly show up until you find the desired one. This method would even allow you to use characters that you can't normally select when creating your own name.
    Not sure if this method will work or the limit of letters will still apply. I did see this on a guide somewhere though.


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