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I got a pistol off Gmod's workshop which is this and I tried recompiling it for a private mod for the FiveSeven, but I got only the arms correctly placed, the weapon itself is on the left rotated and out of place. I tried just recompiling the weapon and not editing files in any way, but also got the same result. Is there a fix to this?

Tools I used are:
Crowbar & Milkshape3D


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    attach the model to the required bones
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    depending on what the sequence names were, 
    so long they are simple like

    You should just be able to rename the mdl file without recompiling it. 
    Thing about some GMod addons is some involve some lengthy scripting, and CW 2.0 uses a lot of viewmodel scripting which might not work if directly ported.

    Another thing is, in most cases, the animations used in CW 2.0 weapons were taken from an existing mod. You might look for a M9 on those animations here on GB.
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    did you actually weight the gun
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