Worms comes to smash? (moveset ideas)

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I think the worm could be a good character to replace a clone like Dark Pit or Lucina. We already have an Olimar Skin but I want a unique character with his own moveset...

Up-Tilt : Fire Punch
Side-Tilt : Dragon Ball
Down-Tilt : Mine (explode when a character approaches)

B : Bazooka
Side-B : Grenade
Down-B : Sheep
Up-B : Jetpack

Up-Smash : ??? (if possible a hand to hand attack)
Side-Smash : ??? (if possible a hand to hand attack)
Down-Smash : Dynamite (charge to determine the delay)

Side-Taunt : Kamikaze (A strong attack with 10% recoil and a knockback recoil)

Final Smash : Concrete Donkey, Armageddon or Boggy B

The Green skin could look like a snake and the other skins could be based on Great Warriors...

This thread is made to discuss about a potential moveset and to eventually find someone who could realize this character.


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