How write at character with mod?

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Right... I change all character that i like, but i can't change them names, exemple: Akuma over Ryu, in result screen still write "Ryu" and not "Akuma", someone know why? :x

Oh! And i can't find the directory of "Victory Theme".


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    As far as I know, we can't yet change the result screen golden-3D-looking text saying the name of the character that has won. Maybe in the future but not now.

    As for victory theme, you have to put the nus3bank in the "sound" directory next to the "patch" folder
    Every single music for the game goes into that folder
    And you have to rename the file so the game recognizes it and uses it instead of the original.
    For example, if you want to have a file used for the victory theme of ryu, you rename it snd_bgm_Z81_F_Ryu.nus3bank
    And it should work!
    Music lover


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