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Sovthere's some things i want to know about 
1 - what if i add mii fighter (all) to CSS using CSS editor or param edits ? Will it make it playable online . Talking about miis , what do make miis not 100% wifi safe ? I really don't find logic about being able to play enemiis while being an unplayable char and not normal miis.
2 - minimal 3ds max requirements for model importing ? 
3 - can we add entries to param files ? That maybe can make the mymusic on certain stages or adding char slots possible
4 - We can only taunt twice online (unless you get a kill , if so you can taunt 1 more time) How can i get rid of this dumb mechanic?
Tnx in advance


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    1. The reason why Sakurai doesn't want Mii Fighters online except playing it with your friend is because he doesn't want to promote bullying. If you edit the param and use a Mii on FG, it's not Wifi safe.
    2. You can use Blender to edit the models. But you're still going to use 3DSMax for exporting to dope.csv.
    3. Character slots and music slots are possible. If you're talking about playing it online, nope.
    4. Unfortunately, if you disable the taunt limit, it's not Wifi Safe.

    Take note that I'm not a Smash Wii U Modder. I know the consequences of this. If you taunt online, other people who don't have mods or play Vanilla will be curious on why you taunt more than 2 and possibly give you a banned.
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    1) no
    2) what
    3) yes but we cant add char slots or make my music work on certain stages
    4) no
    Sm4sh Modder


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