A Quick Status Update on my RWBY Soundpack!

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Volume 4 Update Incoming...In a Few Weeks!

Hey there, everybody! HyperHunt621 here, with a quick word on the status of my biggest (and basically my only) mod, The RWBY Soundpack: Complete Edition!

In the words of Professor Ozpin...I'll try to keep this brief.

Quite simply, the pack's not complete anymore! With the release of the Volume 4 Soundtrack, TONS of new songs are now out there to have eargasms to...But not to Smash to! 

Now, I plan to fix this. 

Over the next few weeks, I will be purchasing the soundtrack from iTunes and getting right back to work to keep this Soundpack as Complete Edition-y as possible!

Seeing as I have some plans to attend to, namely my birthday and graduation, I won't be able to get this out right away, but to wrap this up:

I plan to release the "Volume 4 Completion Update" to The RWBY Soundpack: Complete Edition by the second week of July! Hope you're excited!



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