Kirby copy ability bug list

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So i'll list every copy ability bug and it's effects from slots >8 of kirby and yes ¬¬ it's a dumb list since this is a bug effects list , so here we go :
Mario , Luigi , Rosa , Zelda , Doc , G&W , Ryu , Megaman , Yoshi , Duck Hunt , Pika , R.O.B. , Villager , Cloud , Shulk - Normal copy ability but t-posed
Falcon , Ganondorf , Link and Toon Link - Same as above , but sometimes Kirby slides like crazy and can lead to desyncs
Wario - Does nothing , but it can only eat ítems , fun fact is that he will be like that until he eats something
Palutena - Right copy ability, but t-posed and you can't move after the move , regardless if you failed to target someone
Yoshi - Same as above , but you get frozen only if you eat someone
Bayo - Stays frozen , but the bullet effect lasts until you get hit
Peach - Right copy ability , but toad counter's is in the right ear
D3 - My personal favourite , you stay frozen until someone gets too close of you , in this case , you will be frozen but invincible until you die and your opponent is stuck in your belly
Sonic - With this copy ability , you can escape a match by flying to the space , a good way to get rid of for glory sonics
Mac - Right copy ability , but you got permanent super / heavy armor and you will be launched backwards
Meta Knight - You become literally a hovering machine , cuz you control where you slide (unlike link's , you can control the way you're going)
Anyone else - gets frozen until they grab / attack you
Also , is there a way to make rob's gyro not crash my game if i put a 9th slot ? it'd be amazing for troll a troll.


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    Kirby has issues with copy abilities if he's placed on additional slots. 
    Modding can be fun too


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