cluster redeemer crash

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DM-{PF}-Deck8][2k4 (map by *PingFreak* - a.k.a. J.O.Bishop. Origional Map created by: Paul Maddox, Another Conversion from UT99) has 3 mods added [.u files] to the package.  these orient the map's inclusion of jump boots, super assault rifle, and cluster reedeemer.  [the cluster redeemer base is in the rafters] thru extensive testing it was discovered that if 2 cluster redeemers are detonated at the same time, the resultant over-replication of so many grenades causes a system crash.  while beta-testing with several of these bases around a map [.u file was opened in the actor browser], the same inevitable crash was result.  be sure not to use more than one cluster redeemer [from this *PingFreak* map] when adding inventory to your map's HUD!  perhaps 75 grenades per cluster would work better.  not a reasonably usable mod with bomb amount set at 301.  :)  -M kusanagi


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    why you wrote this

    nobody cares about this crappy map
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    hey mariodox!!  :0  the map is fine.  :)  it's the .u file that has too much replication.  i've been building a duel style map with multi inventory weapon bases [from arkon and WoE to name a few].  i had more than one cluster redeemer base added on different parts of the map, and crash.  :(  now i have some kbr and PIC adds to take their place.  :)  -msi


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