Crashing At CSS Solution?

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Hello everyone! I'm here today because I can't figure out how to resolve this problem on my own. For some reason, it doesn't crash when there is just 1 player but when there is 3 or 4 players, it almost always freezes. 

Anyway, I've recently added a bunch of extra costume slots for every character (120 to be exact). I'm not using every single slot of course but I felt it would be easier if I added the slots so I could just add more costumes as I went along. This plan was working nicely for a while and I was able to play fine. I'd test it out after I'd added a handful of costumes + chrs and it would work fine. Now, (alphabetically) I'm all the way down to Samus and for some reason, the game will crash at the CSS. I tried to do some research and people said that it's crashing on the CSS most likely because of a portrait. I've exported the chr file and inspected everything in chr_13 but except for a few files that were 261 kb, everything was 233 kb. There were a few that were pretty large so I removed them to test it out but it still does it. 

TLDR: Game crashes at CSS. Checked chr_13 but everything is fine there! Please assist!

PS: It seems to work fine with 1 player which is how I checked to see if the costumes + portraits were fine. Maybe it could just be a hardware limitation. Please tell me I'm wrong about that though.



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