Changing team each round [HELP]

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Hey guys :) I started making maps...and ill want to make principe, so every round both teams will be changed..for example, first round you are in CT with your teammates..but in next round you are in TR with the players like before...i know one map who has it, and ofc its not by plugin, but with VHE (cant be anything else i think), mapname is (we use that mapname): awp_skok, but it has many aliases, like: TIR_PIGEON2, AWP_SNOWSK337 ect...i think they are made by SuperJer..thanks in advance :)


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    Im sorry, its not changing is 'only' chaning spawns, for both teams...i hope its undestandable :)
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    Isn't it a AMX plugin??
    Salaam Mumbai
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    Thanks guys for replying...i went a little further and found mapper's 2010 someone asked the same..but he couldnt remember what he did back then (to the map), so he addressed this:
    This is the map which uses this method = changing spawns on every round (not teams, my bad in description)
    at the bottom is: you download it you will get .rmf/ you can see what everything looks like...something like this :D : (i deleted some sky ect)

    so, @Bloody, im sorry but you are is possible..theres a rmf, so  "we" just need to know how everything is working...and place to our map

    @xx MAHA xx, with amxx it is 'very easy' to do...but it would be stupid/impossible to upload your map on every site with the you can check that rmf, interesting stuff there, and a lot of things :D
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