Problem with ui_stage_db

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I'm trying to move the legal stages to the Extra tab and moving the DLC stages in the normal tab. The problem is that I don't understand how Parameters.exe is supposed to work in this case.
Once I change the values of the stage and save the file, if I overwrite ui_stage_db.bin and I try to reopen it, it looks completely different: there are normally 81 entries with many parameters but once I save they become like 22 with just 1 parameter with seemingly random numbers, some even look corrupted.
Is this normal and I'm just freaking out? The problem is that I don't see which alternatives I can possibly take since there are only two options in the menu (open and save) and I didn't found anything about this.


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    Ok guys, I did it. For some reason it didn't work with the extracted file but using the plug-in built in Sm4shExplorer it did work. Don't know how or why.


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