Alternating Killsounds

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So I have a set of of audio files that all follow the same theme, but they would really only work for a killsound. Is there a way to make a script that would go through a list of killsounds(for example, if I had killsound1, killsound2, killsound3 and so on) in order and alternate which one it treats as the current killsound? 

My goal is to get it to change every kill, but I wanted to ask if that's even possible. Any input is greatly appreciated. Thanks for your time.


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    Unfortunately I don't think that's possible, however I'm not an expert, so I don't know.
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    In the "advanced" options of Team Fortress 2, you can set which hitsound/killsound to use. Some of the hitsound options have multiple different sounds associated, but all of the killsounds only have one. However, you should be able to do something like Alias CycleKillsounds "IncrementVar TF_Dingaling_Last_Effect 0 4 1; Wait 1; CycleKillsounds" in the console, and then CycleKillsounds. You can put those two commands in an "AutoExec.cfg" file to execute them on start-up automatically.

    The alias up there makes a console command called "CycleKillsounds", which cycles through different killsounds, and then re-executes itself a 66th of a second later so it keeps cycling through them. Then to start the loop in the first place, "CycleKillsounds" has to be typed into the console.

    In the command, "IncrementVar" increments a variable, and "TF_Dingaling_Last_Effect" refers to which effect to use for the last hit (the one that kills).
    The "0" is the minimum value, so just leave it at 0. The "4" is the maximum value, so set it to the amount of killsounds you have, minus one. The "1" is how much to increase the value by, so just leave it at "1".
    And then it waits a 66th of a second before re-executing itself, meaning it cycles to the next killsound every 66th of a second.

    Now, it's going to be up to you to find out which value of TF_Dingaling_Last_Effect refers to which killsound. All I can help you with is that you can check the file-names in alphabetical order if you open up tf_sound_misc_dir.vpk with GCFScape and look in "ui" for any files that start with "killsound", and you can try setting TF_Dingaling_Last_Effect to a value and then see what option is selected in the "advanced" options for the killsound.
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    So it does work after some messing around, but there are a few things I need to add:

    The command line should look like this:
    alias CycleKillsounds "IncrementVar tf_dingalingaling_last_effect 0 4 1; Wait 24; CycleKillsounds"        (empasis on the dingaling actually being labeled as dingalingaling for god knows what reason).
    Made the wait 24 simply because it was having issues at lower and was consistent at 24.

    The only current remaining struggle I'm having is actually replacing the alternate killsounds. I place the sound files into my folder(ie, as killsound_beepo), but the sound just goes silent in game.

    Update: Got the sounds working. One of the sound files was partially corrupeted and therefor gave weird results.
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