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where's my model.nud and model.nut?

A Forum Thread for Super Smash Bros. for Wii U

So long time ago i requested an Ice climbers costume over villager , but i didn't see anyone that thinked that was a good idea... and i needed to do it myself. i got painful 3ds max crashes and all , but after i got through the (painful) 3ds max part , i went like crazy so i deliver my request (it sounds stupid, but it isn't) and i got an error , the importing python script shows " texture index error " . I was like " WTF ?! DO THE FKING FILE !!!! FOR FKS SAKE!" because the model had the textures already in the model , pls help me , you'll be rewarded with some points .


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    CSV is obsolete. We use DAE importing now.

    "​Export from Max as FBX -> Open in Noesis and convert to DAE with the advanced command of -smoothnorm 0.001 -> Import the DAE into Forge -> NUD."
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