gta san andreas not opening

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so, i dont know if this is a common problem in gta san andreas, or if this has no solution, but im going to post this thread anyway.
so my problem is that when i double click on the icon (to open the game) a window pops up that says: "do you want to allow the following program from an unknwon publisher to make changes?" I press yes and then... nothing. i mean the loading circle on the pointer spins for a little bit but then nothing happens. the game doesnt open, no error messages, nothing.
can somebody help me in this situation? and if you cant, can you tell me why this happens?


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    You probably need to put gta_sa on DEP
    Or compatibility on windows xp.

    If it didnt work, try dragging this RAR to your text folder in your GTA San Andreas directory.
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