zero health loss map tour

A Forum Thread for Unreal Tournament 2004

it's possible to tour a map [escpecially one we're building and beta-testing] without health damages.
1.  start the desired map.
2.  once play has ensued, press the "~" [tilde key] for console.
3.  type "god", then enter.
4.  press "tilde key" again to exit console.
5.  this will hold any damage your playermodel will receive.
6.  while in console, it's also possible to fly around while being "god".
7.  instead of exiting console right away, next type "fly", then press enter.
8.  now you can fly around and take no damage while interacting, and kill anyone you wanna.
9.  of course rule cheats can only be stretched so far.  angel and god players can not alternate fire redeemer without losing their heavenly status.  in other words, alt fire redeemer, and drop console entries.
10. also, console cheats aren't legal in tournament.
:)  ^^  -M kusanagi
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