Some Maps Doesn't Load In My Mission Pack

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I have created my own mission pack and everything is working fine. One thing is not working and I couldn't find a solution despite the countless attempts. 

No matter what I do, some maps just won't load even though I can access them normally from the multiplayer option and other mission packs. But from my my own mission pack, they are not loading. Whenever I start a match with one of the "cursed" maps, the maps starts to load till half way and then it returns to the game menu screen :S 

Any suggestion other than check that you are entering the map name correctly?
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    i don't know , but i think you need to compile the maps with a script 
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    Hello there,

    Are you new to Counter-Strike: Condition Zero Mission Packs?

    Anyway, to check the error:
    1. Open the map/s that "cannot open" in your Mission Pack
    2. When it directly goes to the main menu, press the tilde/grave accent key to open the console (see the picture below) 
    3. The error will appear in the console. The error is either the 512 precache limit error or Incorrect Map Name

    There are ways to solve the errors:

    512 precache limit error
    • Change the map, 
    • Use this AMX plugin
    • Use a new copy of Counter-Strike: Condition Zero (With no custom maps with custom skybox, models, sounds and sprites that probably cause the 512 precache limit error)

    Incorrect Map Names:
    1. Open the <Difficultly>.vdf (I mean Easy.vdf, Normal.vdf, Hard.vdf and/or Expert.vdf) using Notepad++ with this plugin (not Notepad)
    2. Find the incorrectly-named map/s
    3. Find the bsp file/s of the map you're looking for
    4. Rename the map/s in the vdf file without adding the .bsp in the map name and save the VDFs

    That's all I know and have a nice day :)
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