custom "step up" for weapon base

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it's possible to make a custom geometry (step up) for weapons and charger bases.  to do this we use the 2d shape maker.
1.  the 2d editor is the red triangle button on the icon bar below the menu bar.
2.  the editor will show the default square shape.
3.  to add a vertex, click the split segments button (next to magnifying glasses).
4.  the vertex highlights red, and the segment to split highlights grey.
5.  to subtract a vertex, click delete (red "X").
6.  having desired shape, click extrude.
7.  since we're making a "step up", we'll use the z axis and 16 units (16-31 works).
8.  the builder brush will have the new shape.
9.  too small or big, use the scale up and scale down button to fit.
10. float the shape from geometry by 2/3 of a unit.
11. by floating above the collision and not intersecting the x and y axis, the shape won't conflict with the earlier built brushes.
12. also, 2d shape builder brushes can't be actor scaled, in many instances.  scaling 2d shapes mostly just causes loading failure at map start-up, the same as actor scaling blocking volume.     :)  ^^  -M kusanagi  may 2 2017


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