Where to Buy original BF2 in 2017 and so?

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Thread finally answered
  • The Revive's BF2 Files is working great. Sorry for the REALLY slow change though :)
Downloading the files requires HIGH PATIENCE and a nice cup of coffee, just saying :D
Hello Guys, Just as i loved the Modding section in Battlefield 2, i just remembered that it is my Brother's PC and not Mine. I have a Laptop but, i don't have any copies of it and My Brother's just lost the Game discs. I tried Steam and the Game wasn't there anymore. Can somebody tells me how can i buy the Game in the year of 2017, online or anyway?

And sorry, i was just joined some hours ago. 


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    I personally like to have hard copies of the game, fortunately I have had this game since it's initial release day in 2005 (as well as collected editions on DVD).

    If you search on google you can still find hard copies (I recommend the complete collection) in some places, though I don't think this game is in print anymore so those are slowly disappearing.

    Amazon Hard Copy Link

    Since BF2's MP service ended in 2014 and the game became abandonware, all offical digital download services ceased carrying it (including EA).

    An independent group of guys have been offering it as a free download with full mp service though, and I don't think forum rules allow me to link to it.  Do a search for "BF2 Battlelog" and you'll find it. 

    Totally free and completely legit these guys are keeping the game alive, and are doing it openly, and EA has thus far allowed them to exist.  Seeing how BF2 (and games preceding it) are abandoned and no longer supported by EA/DICE, it would appear their silence is consent to what the community has been doing.  I hope they allow their "Legacy BF" titles to continue in this form to prevent them from being lost to gaming history.

    I've never been an advocate of piracy.  Since this game is no longer in print, abandoned by it's parent company, no longer sold in any digital format and being offered openly in a transparently honest way I feel this is a legitimate way to preserve it.

    Hope I helped. :)
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    Okay, i have find it. Big thanks for You, MasterChiefRulz. I really appreciated your quick response for such a simple question. 

    I'll try to help as much as i can here, since i was just a newbie in  BF2 Modding, i will report any bug founded in every posts. Thank you very much and hope the best of you.

    Best Regards
    Taking heavy fire!!


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