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Hello again, I have 2 questions about stages that I have been thinking about a time. Firstly, is there a way to add an omega version to big battlefield ? I have fountain of dreams as the regular version, and i want to add yoshi's story as the omega, if i can do this, how? Lastly, I saw the ''Unused stages in extra stages v3'' mod and the submitter said that target blast crashes the game when loaded through VS mode, but there's 3 target blast stages, not only 1, has he tried to play the 3 target blast stages? tnx in advance


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    Yeah its possible to put another stages on Omega Battlefield, heres a link:


    Be awared that NOT every omega stages can handle moving collision (like that moving platform on Yoshi story). In fact, not a lot of them does. So, your Yoshi Story will crash that way. If you want the moving cloud Randal, you should put it on Omega DK Jungle (this one is a weird exception), or over a non-omega stage.

    If you want to save a slot, you can move Temple to Omega Temple (since it doesnt have moving collision), and put a moving collision stage over regular Temple

    Be also aware that battlefield and omega battlefield share the same omega files. Same thing for final destination and omega final destination.

    This is a super long post...

    Finally, for that last question, just ask the guy. Those stages are super buggy, and cant have different music import on them wich make them boring


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