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Hello there

As you can read i'm here to give a new Wrench (That will gives a brand new sentry) problem is ... i never did any 3D model and i'm a pure beginer at making custom TF2 weapons so if you interesed by that feel free to give ideas or even help me to do this project 

So the wrench will be The Tactical Scrap

The wrench will come with : 

+ 1 hit removes Sappers

+ Sentry get full life once sappers is remove (Still thinking about it)

- Sentry can't get beyond lvl 2 and life is block to 140 HP (Still thinking about it)

- 20% Damage Vulnerabilites on wearer ( May be decrease)

( I don't know if a new sentry gun can be attached to a wrench so i'm making a sepparation beetween them)

For the sentry :

+100% Bullet resistance 
} (Probably going to be nerf)
+50% Blast resistance

- Sentry rate of fire is blocked to 4 bullets per seconds

- Can only work with the wrangler

Well that pretty much it i got some "draw" of these weapons so if you interested don't hesitate to reply or add me 

(Disclaimer : As i said before I NEVER did this before and want to give my contribution to this awsome game so i don't know how people's goin to react but just react correctly please .)


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    Well, I'm no modeler but I'm imagining it looks like a poorly made wrench held together with scrap metal and haphazardly welded repairs, like portions of the thing missing parts but replaced with makeshift crap you'd see on the ground of a battlefield, but at the same time looks like it could VIOLENTLY maim anything and anyone it touches.
    Many ideas. Such little skill. avatar
    Many ideas. Such little skill.


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