How to prevent GTA V FPS drops?

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Hi to all,
I have rare,but annoying FPS drops while playing GTA V.
I turned the VSync ON , and I have almost all of the time 60 FPS at 1080p resolution,on very high settings for texture quality and particles quality only ,the other on normal.
But sometimes I get FPS drops to 34 FPS,for a short time but it is very annoying!

Is there a patch/tweak or something other which prevents the FPS drops?

By the way my Lenovo Y-700-15ISK specs are:i7-6700 HQ CPU,16 GB DDR4 RAM and Nvidia GTX 960M 4 GB GDDR5 GPU.
Thanks in advance!
Best regards!


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    Turn V-Sync off, and lower your settings to normal or high (whichever is preferred while not giving you substantial FPS drops) for textures and particles. That should help resolve the FPS issue, if not make it less substantial of a drop.
    Not as serious as you'd think.
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    Turn off V-Sync, it always caused random fps drops in any game where you can have it enabled.
    Embrace the night


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