BMS HECU to CSS Issues

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Recently, I have been having problems with merely retexturing the Black Mesa HECU due to shitty mod support and no documentation. So after 2 days of trying to get the skins to appear in-game I decided to port the models to CSS and make them the CTs. And so I did. However, although it all works in Hammer or HLMV, CSS itself always gives me a "Server is enforcing simple material" error when I attempt launching a bot server and then complains about some non-existant models/humans/eyeball_l material which impossibilitates me from even loading the game and checking if the rigging and stuff is correct. I didn't copy any eye related textures or materials from BM, and the eyes look perfect on Hammer and HLMV: look at my profile picture. It just doesn't make sense.

Also, if anyone's got a solution for my BM issue as well I'd greatly appreciate it too.


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