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I've been at it trying to mod Smash on my 3DS for a month, I have a New 3DS which I refuse to use mods on it because I have a Windows 10 and Micro SD management won't work (and I don't have a screwdriver for taking off its back) so I can't do mods, I've been using my old 3DS for mods because I figure I play better with a old 3DS than the New one and I've been following every single guide how to do it and I deleted and redownloaded then repeated after each fail, I assume only it works on only New 3DS but I refuse to believe that until someone confirms it towards me.

I downloaded SaltySD  and placed my music and voice files and renaming the music in their proper places since it's slightly different from the Wii U's NUS3BANK names and I've been holding select while turning it on and it doesn't go straight to the menu thing that other people get to (I forgot its name)

The only thing I only modded on my 3DS was the 3DS backgrounds through HomeBrew (SoundHax)

So if there's someone to help me, I want to hear it because I've given up and that's why I'm asking here and if I don't get help then I'll have to just stick to modding Smash on the Wii U which I barely have time to play on.



  • 7mo
    NeoDragoon195 avatar
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    I could be wrong but it seem you didn't completely mod your 3ds you may need to get A9loaderhax because you need costume firmware to run Salty SD.
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  • 7mo
    Adventure Snivy avatar
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    You need Custom Firm Ware and Luma. Also Smash Sector. CFW is patched in 11.3 though.
  • 7mo
    RedPandaTim avatar
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    NeoDragoon is right. in order for SaltySD to work, you need CFW on your 3ds. Just having Homebrew on your 3ds doesn't mean that it's fully modded to work with SaltySD. Right now, i don't think it's possible to get CFW without downgrading and even more impossible to downgrade using a firmware of 11.3 (Unless that's been fixed, but I think 11.3 stops downgrading)
    The Red Panda Enthusiast avatar
    The Red Panda Enthusiast
  • 7mo
    Posted by Adventure Snivy

     CFW is patched in 11.3 though.

    The patch was overridden recently, and to my knowledge, the update targeted the HB Launcher, not CFW. But I think you can get CFW on 11.3 now.
    EDIT: Nope, I was wrong. Glad I didn't update.

    Noter, it's possible to hack on O3DS, and I can testify because that's the only model I have. I'm running all sorts of smash hacks on it. But like everyone said, you need Custom Firmware (CFW) like Luma to run it. The Homebrew Launcher isn't enough. 3dsGuide is a good installation guide to get Luma CFW [You need 11.2 or lower].

    Once you completely pwned your 3ds with CFW, you can start modding Smash. All the Smash modding tutorials are hopefully gonna make a lot more sense, too.
  • 7mo
    Yup, as everybody's said, it requires Luma3DS.  Soundhax won't work due to SaltySD's requirements. You don't need Smash Selector though. As others have said, you need 11.2 or under. Once you get Luma installed, updating to 11.3 is fine. Use plailect's guide.


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