want to make a portal mod but I don't know how...

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So I have a comprehensive plan, plot and script for a portal2 mod but I have absolutely no Idea what I'm doing.

I have a story  but I don't have any voice actors, programmers environment designers or any idea what the first step even is.


If you're really interested message me for more info and we can talk :)


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    You sort of answered your own question. You need mapping skills in Hammer, which makes up 90% of the work unless you're planning to do lots of custom props and textures. You're unlikely to need any programming unless your adding additional functionality to the engine that doesn't already exist within hammer. Voice actors are something you only really need when the mod is close to completion, as you're bound to make changes and sacrifices along the way that ultimately change the script.

    Unfortunately, I doubt anybody will just make a mod for you. You're going to have to bring something more to the table than just an idea I think.
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    i would like to help, i know a little about hammer and i could help with some voice-acting, but i also know a little of a few coding languages that include: C#, HTML, Java & JavaScript, and i have no clue what of those languages the source engine uses, but i am interested in helping so contact me if you'd like some help from me (PS: i might not be good for voice-acting because i'm 10 yrs old)


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