Logic in Scripts?

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So I was bored one day and decided to try to figure out a way to have scripts in TF2 have true/false logic in them. After a couple of minutes I came up with this:
alias null ""
alias false null
alias true null
alias returnResult null

alias under "wait 2"
alias over "wait 5"

resultFalse "clear; echo false"
resultTrue "clear; echo true"

alias setToFalse "alias false over; alias true under"
alias setTotrue "alias false under; alias true over"

alias testForFalse "testForTrue; false; alias returnResult resultFalse"
alias testForTrue "true; alias returnResult resultTrue"

Do you think if this concept was taken and expanded it could work? You'd have to setToTrue/False in aliases that you want to be able to test, and it would only work on servers with the wait command enabled. But I feel like I could be on to something. What do you guys think?

EDIT: Forgot to mention that you can customize the resultTrue/False to do as you please.


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    Yeah since most of the commands only work for one specific value it couldn't really work in most cases.
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    I personally think creating some basic aliases in your scripts would be much easier than using a boolean system since 'aliased commands' can't take arguments. (and it's pain in ass to make it w/o arguments)

    If I really need to make something that looks like a cvar, I use this:
    // setinfo registers cl_cvar as an actual console command (can be autocompleted, is in commands list, etc)
    alias cvar0 "setinfo cl_cvar 0; alias cl_cvar cvar1; echo Value is 1"
    alias cvar1 "setinfo cl_cvar 1; alias cl_cvar cvar0; echo Value is 0"

    Nothing really new, but may be you didn't know about setinfo.

    By the way, you don't need to include alias null "", you can just use alias true, alias false, it will act the same.

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