Anyone used this mod before?

A Forum Thread for ArmA 2

I've been leaning toward reinstalling Arma 2, but I'm positive I want to try out a total-conversion mod.
I want to know if anyone out there's tried them and to help me figure out which one to get (because at 2-3 GB per mod, I wanna make sure its worth it) 

That mod genre in question is the Vietnam mod for Arma 2.

I've found at least 2 promising versions (community made)
Should I go with "Vietnam: The Experience (V.T.E.)" or the "Unsung" mod (A2 version)?

I wanna know if they're stable (are they prone to crashing and/or ingame error messages?) I wanna know which ARMAII DLC's I'll need for either one, if any at all, and I want to know how good they are. Not necessarily "good" as in they have campaigns, but the quality of the equipment and stuff.

A technicality I'll also need is whether either include LOD (level of detail) support, as my PC can't really render hundreds of HD trees and grass, (Arma 2 runs fine for me as long as I keep 'foliage quality' at the minimum)



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