Make the citizens chatter again

A Forum Thread for Garry's Mod 13

The main thing I liked about the citizens in Half Life 2 were their random chatter.
Removed in I think Episode 1 in leu of more "Protect us freeman!" and "Oh my god they killed the new guy" lines.
Used to, the chatter lines made its way into Garry'smod but they don't anymore with Gmod 13. I remember I managed to force the files into the game once, but I completely forget how. Ergo, I know it can be done, I just don't remember how. I think it had something to do with the 'scenes' files, I remember fixing it one time in gmod 11 via an addon "Standalone NPC talker" which contains all the .vcd files from Half Life 2...

I miss hearing about dreams of cheese in Gmod. Plz help.


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    Now I'm completely new but I wanna think there was something in the fdg file or some way to lua program citizens to "greet" the player at a certain range with whatever audio file you pick. If you look through the documentation on creating an npc over at Valve you should stumble across it at some point like I did.  I too remember spawning them and having a random line tossed off when I'd bump them around. 


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