L4D2 Custom spas-12 mod blender bones help

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L4D2 Custom spas-12 mod blender UPDATE QC FILE
  • Fixed bone issue, now needs help with qc file

Alright so now I found it out on my own ;P It turns out I just had to unbind it from the original bones with ALT+P and then rejoin it with the correct bones after repositioning it, and everything fell into place!

But now I have a new problem, and I think it has to do with my QC file, because when I test the mod in game the arms of the character glitch out further from the screen in a bunch of stretched stuff I can't quite make of.

These are the screenshots I took of the glitched model

Spas Glitch 

The first is the pickup

The second is firing

The third is reloading

The fourth is long distance from the front of the glitch "stuff"

The fifth is long distance from the side of glitch stuff

And finally the sixth is, although you can't quite make it out, the camera seems to be tilted to the right whenever I jump.

I really think it's the QC file, if that helps I could send it to any one of you for a look over of the entire general mod itself.



So I'm trying to make a spas-12 (bo3) Argus mod, and the main problem is, after editing, the animations seem to screw up when the bones are rigged to the model, but the model flies elsewhere and I can't figure out how to get it back into the correct position. There's also this missing bone that hovers over the model and normally placed bones that I can't click on, but my 3D cursor seems to be aligned to it, and when I enter edit mode with the argus selected, it seems to be at the very center of the shotgun. Thanks to anyone that can help! 

Here's the animated gif explaining the process of bones and model

Animation GIF

And here's the bone that's totally messing me up

Unrigged Bone


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