[PVKII] Calling All Photoshoppers & Artists!

A Forum Thread for Pirates Vikings and Knights II

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We're now open to receiving new art for achievement icons. This is your chance to become a contributor and see your work in-game!

Calling All Photoshoppers & Artists!

Now introducing a new artistic outlet for you to contribute to the future of PVKII. We're now open to receiving new art for the following assets:

- Achievement Art

We will decide on the best icons based on several factors such as: clarity, consistency, and hilarity!
Make sure the achievements fit in with the style of our current public achievements.
You may submit one or more submissions. You may submit art for one or more achievements. So if you only feel like doing five from below - that's ok!

Contribution Info
If you can create something special for our game than we're willing to let you try! All art submissions are pending approval from Developers. Don't worry if one attempt doesn't make it in game, try again! All art created for this contribution event is property of the original creator, and you will be permitted to feature in game contribution in your portfolio if you have one. You will be recognized for your work on the PVKII Team page as a part of the Contributor group.

Achievement Image Info
Achievement icons should be vector-based, and include a greyscale copy for each image. Please submit the source file (psd etc) and clear image format to this forum thread.

How to Submit
Complete your icon then upload it to a site like imgur or dropbox.

Check back to this thread regularly for updates, community submissions, and witty banter! We'll post more achievements every so often and we'd love to have the community help out, so stay on the look out for notice about more ways you can help shape the future of PVKII!


Posted Image

"Art Of Defense"

Colour guide for quick reference from Links

Posted Image

Achievements for Upcoming Winter Update!
The following 20 achievements are detailed below for our upcoming winter update:

1. Combat – Art of Defense – Kill a total of 10 enemies with a counter-attack by perfect parrying them – Title: The Artist
2. Combat – Assigir’s Challenge – Kill each class on the enemy teams at least once in a row – Title: The Nord
3. Kicking – He Did It To Me! – Kick someone into a hazard after being kicked 1 second before – Title: The Retaliator 
4. Kicking – Taste of his Own – Cause a skirmisher to die by kicking his keg back at him – Title: The Free Sample
5. Kicking – Foot Hand Eye Coordination – Kick a player then kill him with a range weapon while he’s still in the air! – Title: The Kicker
6. Captain – Crabby Hooker – Kill an enemy with your hook immediately following a roll – Title: The Crabby Hooker

Game Modes
7. Booty – Robyn Hode – Return 200 chests – Title: The Merry Man
8. Booty – My House! – Stay in a chest zone for 1 minute when team has winning ticket count of 10 or under – Title: The House Keeper
9. Booty - Worth The Wait – Block enemy chest zone for 15 seconds while there’s at least 1 chest – Title: The Denier
10. LTS – Public Enemy #1 – In a round of LTS, be Nemisis for 7 players or more – Title: The Public Enemy
11. Territory – Hard-Headed (/The Promised Land) Conquer one territory three times in a single life (12+ players) Title: The Objectivist

12. Cara – Giddy Up – Keep control of both territories in Cara for at least 60 seconds (12+ players) – Title: The Tragen Master
13. Cara – Horsin’ Around – Contest a horse territory for at least 60 seconds – Title: The domesticated
14. Cara – triple crown – Win 3 rounds for each team on Cara – Title: The Groomer
15. Cara – Ragnarok is A Pony – Win 10 Rounds on Cara – Title: The hot Blood
16. Sandstorm – Was the sun in Your Eyes? – Kill 20 enemies in te_sandstorm’s sandstorm – Title: The Act of God
17. Sandstorm – Here’s Lookin at You Kid – Send X enemies to their deaths in the spike pits of te_sandstorm – Title: The Expatriate
18. Sandstorm – Less is Moorish – Win a round without capturing a third territory in sandstorm – Title: The Decorative One
19. Sandstorm – Treaty of Friendship – Conquer each sandstorm territory with the help of at least 3 people every time (12+ players) – Title: The Prophet
20. Sandstorm - Fond of Sharp Things - 
Capture and hold the Weapons Cache for an entire round without losing it once. (12+ players) – Title: The Sharpest Tool



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