I need help with GTA IV

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Hello! I have problems in the game-GTA 4.

When I installed the game, everything  fine, but i meat big problems:The textures are not visible and cities also,At first I tried to Resolution to the problem, and i used commandline!

here is:






-availablevidmem 10

-renderquality 0

-shadowdensity 0

-texturequality 0

-viewdistance 0

-detailquality 0

-percentagevidmem 100


-framelimit 0





-memrestrict 188743680

-memrestrict 209715200

-memrestrict 230686720

All this  placed in the note,its called commandline.

But i see very low graphic textures, and the machines are very few walks.

I want to install GTA vice city mod in GTA 4  but first i want to fix all bugs in the game.


None found


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