Dota 2 Reborn Causing High Ping and Lag

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Recently, Valve servers have been acting weirdly and giving high ping. I was going through Google and some communities for this issue and saw that it's not just me but many Dota 2 players worldwide are facing the same misery. Even, I have been having the worst experience of Dota 2 these days. Never I have had lag in Dota 2 matchmaking but now it's happening a lot. I have searched Google for the solution and came up with few options to try out. Some ping reducing softwares to be specific. Based on the users feedback, I picked few to give them a go. I didn't find the ultimate solution to my problem but at least I happen to control it enough. Here are some of the names that came up:

- Smooth Ping

I did some research on all of them, focusing which one reduces the ping more. First I tried Smooth Ping, it was a total crap. The servers showed as timed out most of the time. So, I'm not going to waste my time on explaining about it. 

- Ping Zapper

Then I downloaded Ping Zapper, the good thing about it is that it offers trial but only for 30 mins for each session. It stabilized my ping but on a higher side. I mean it did stabilized it in a smaller range of ping rate but the lag is persistent.

- Kill Ping

Before giving up and going back to increasing my internet expense by asking my ISP to increase bandwidth, I gave one last try to such service. A couple of weeks back, I posted a question on Dota 2 Dev blog and someone replied with Kill Ping. I looked up for its reviews and people comments on the Google. I saw mixed reviews, some were skeptical about it but the community looked pretty strong and in favor. Plus, they were offering 1 day trial (now they have Black Friday offer of 30% lifetime discount) with no time limit to a game session. So, I tried it. Kill Ping didn't reduce my ping by 50% or 60% as they claim but it did cut back 60~90ms for me with stable game connection. I did get spikes but they are less than half a dozen in a full competitive match with no lag. I didn't try any other service afterwards as I'm OK with the current ping rate that I'm getting with Kill Ping. I submitted a feedback on their website and got the complimentary 1 month subscription. Guess, they took my words of appreciation seriously. LOL! 

I wish this high ping problem gets solved permanently by Valve. It increased my ping twice in the past months, making me upgrade my internet connection once and then looking for a service which could help me control the ping rate. I have a stable ping now but I want my original low ping back by default.


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    You are right about the recent high ping and lag issues in Dota 2 but it is with CS:GO as well. I'm glad you found a solution to your problem. Kill Ping is very effective in reducing high ping for many online games. Plus, Kill Ping Black Friday offer is also active here: Exclusive 30% lifetime discount on monthly subscription.



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