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Need to know what then .wavs should be titled

Hey all, Trying to put together some custom sounds for DOD. My K43 is currently silent when reloading - can anyone tell me the names of its reload .wavs? Could anyone tell me where to find a list of all the sounds used by DOD? Thanks for your time!
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    The sounds you're looking for are listed below. Sorted by the chronological order in which the sound effects are played during the reload animation: - sound/items/9mmclip2.wav - sound/weapons/boltback.wav - sound/weapons/tommy_reload_clipin.wav - sound/weapons/boltforward.wav These sounds are shared by multiple weapons. 9mmclip2.wav is a default sound from Half-Life, so I'm not sure if you'll find it in your game directory. In fact I sadly don't own DoD, so I can' tell if these sounds are loose or packed in some WAD-file. I've concluded the above, because I have the sounds of the 3.1 Beta of DoD on my HDD. Since this is just an assumption, this might as well be faults in which case I'd like to apologize. If you're using sound mods for the K43, be aware that the good old Golden Source Engine will only support sound effects with the following properties: - mono - 16-bit PCM - 11025 hz / 22050 hz Still, I hope I was able to help and the best of luck to you! ;) Respectfully,
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