[SOLVED] Need help in Portal 2 Hammer.

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Basically, the question is:how to cover a test chamber door.

[SOLVED, FOUND THE FRAME IN ZOO_MECHANICS.VMF] Hello gentlemen, I'd like to know, how do I cover the test chamber door using brushes (without instances). Here's the screenshot of my starting room: ![Door](http://puu.sh/hlqeD/ae91689072.jpg "Portal 2 Door") Here's what areas I want to cover: ![What to cover](http://puu.sh/hlqB8/4c8974e6d8.jpg "What to cover") I'd really appreciate it a lot if you can help.


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    Easy. Shrink the grid by clicking the button with a picture of a small grid and a subtraction sign next to it. It's near the top-left. It's just under "File".

    Place a small brush of your desired texture in those black empty areas. On the left you should see a brick block with a yellow slop click that. Then it's just going to the right view and clicking on your shape then dragging to cut it in half. It's really simple.

    Maybe Philip can help. The youtube channel is 3kliksphilip. He has lots of Hammer tutorial videos.
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