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Nonsense leaks in Hammer.

A Forum Thread for Counter-Strike: Source

So I was just mapping for gmod and then I decided that my map needs water. I added it, saved, compiled and tested in-game. It was invisible, so I googled why does this happen. And I found out that it's caused by "leaks" in the map. I loaded pointfile and got a leak coming from info_player_counterterrorist straight through solid brush (with painted geometry) to the void. So, the question is: How do I fix it? D: tl;dr:I tried to make water in my map and it's invisible because of the leak that is heading nowhere from info_player_counterterrorist entity. D:


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    Is the water brush an entity, and are any faces of it sticking out of the map?
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    Painted geometry as in a displacement? Because those don't seal maps, neither do transparent textured brushes and entity brushes such as `func_detail`; areaportals can create leaks of their own as well if you can go from one side of one areaportal to the other without having to go through another one.
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    A leak is basically a hole in the map. It's caused by brush entities if used to seal the map, or if you accidentally put a brush entity and/or a point entity in the outside region (called "Void", which is the outside of the map). As Devieus and Squeezit said, if for "painted geometry" you mean "displacements", they don't seal maps at all. The same goes for brush entities. If the water brush is a brush entity, create an additional brush of the same size underneath it with the NODRAW texture, and leave it as simple solid (don't tie it to an entity). The same thing goes for displacements. That should fix the leak. If you still encounter problems, please load some screenshots of the displacements and water brush areas, and (eventually) the VMF file via PM, and I'll try to take a look at it. Good luck.
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    Thanks everyone, sealing Displacement helped resolve problem.
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