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Lots of WARNING: BSP node with unbounded volume (m

A Forum Thread for Garry's Mod 13

I get tons of these errors, and no known methods are working.

WARNING: BSP node with unbounded volume (material: , near (-16392.000000, 16392.000000, 25215.828125)) I've looked it up and tried methods used by others, but nothing works. Some of those Warning things are outside the map but I can't locate them, not even by highlighting the entire map and selecting everything. It's about maybe 1000 units outside the map, which is crazy tbh. There's about 3000 more of those errors, but I can't add anymore due to GameBanana's character limit. I also have these errors. Brush 3197, Side 1: mirrored plane Brush 3197: bounds out of range


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    Prolly the best way to find it is to go to the coordinates, but you've probably tried it already. Try removing random bits of your map and compile it and see when the error pops up again, that should give you an idea what causes it
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    I removed a few things and it made 80% of them go away, and the rest that didn't didn't have coordinates anymore. I redid those, and then all the warnings came back. I don't get it. Every time I edit one of those blocks, it makes this sort of graph move around with it, but there aren't any objects outside of my map.
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    As far I remember these errors are caused by displacements? Or very complex brush. Try removing your displacements completely. And compiling without them. If that doesnt work look for complex brushes (vertex edited). After removing these brushes you should be good to go. Also you might try [ALT + P] and look for "invalid brushes" and click the fix button.
    Ouch Owie
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    Like I said before, removing the brushes I added fixed it, but then putting them back breaks it again. Vertex editing is needed to make sure everything fits well, otherwise it will keep creating leaks from holes in the corners. I just re-added the brush again, and yet again it says everything is broken.


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