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Story Time - A Forum Thread for GameBanana.

Simple. Tell a story about yourself, whether it be depressing, funny, or what have you. It could be the shittiest time of your life (spoiler?) or the best day of your life. Mine: So at the time, I was working at this recycling place. The company I work for has places set up in front of major grocery store chains and are all over California. This was the end of my first week and I was in training. This was the day that both of us trainees had to do paperwork, but only one at a time could go off with the trainer to finish it because someone had to do recycling. So the trainer and I finish my paperwork fairly quickly (an hour and a half) and it's lunch time so I go off and get myself some pizza at the place near by. Thirty minutes are up and with my hunger satisfied, I'm ready to head back to work. I know that it's my turn to work alone and they'll go off and do paperwork. As soon as I start, I hear the rumblies in my tummies. Unfortunately my stomach is quick on acting and likes to remove thy retched food from my tummy. An hour passes and I'm clenching my cheeks together and perry dogging with not many other options. The stress of having a new job and having to go number two are starting to get to me. There's plenty of people waiting and I can't work too fast because I'm focused on preventing any mishaps. Another hour passes and it could be said that I was sweating do to the lack of shitting in my life. I'm clenching and putting a half effort to walk and the other half to keeping that shit at bay. It's pretty noticeable and I'm walking around like a penguin. The customers are backed up and so am I. Every customer will be the last one I tell myself, then I'll call my trainer and have him take over. I can't take it anymore. I called the trainer at 2 hours and 15 minutes in and I tell him, "Yo dude, I'm going to fucking shit myself if you don't come over here and cover for me." And I jet the hell out of there running like I got shot in the butt. I dodge the cars driving by in the parking lot and dash into the grocery store with objective in mind. Quickly I open up the men's restroom door and head to the only stall in there. LOCKED. Oh shit...oh shit...what do I do? I open the door to the men's restroom and see the lady's across the way. Do I do it? No. I go back into the men's restroom and think of my options as quick as possible. No time. It's coming right now whether I want it to or not. I pull down my pants and point my ass towards the urinal and shit liquid and get the hell out of there. Outside I pass an older gentleman of about 40 years of age. A courtesy clerk (bagger). I felt bad for the guy because he's going to be the one to tell the manager that there's shit in the urinal, but I had no time to waste. Now I need to wipe my ass. I ended up going to the pizza place and throwing out my undies due to the small amount of poop in them and wipe myself. Unfortunately I already got diaper rash and found out that the other trainee is only half way done with his paperwork. So for the rest of the day I worked alone with diaper rash. TL;dr I shat in the urinal and had diaper rash for the rest of the work day.