In GMod, no gun sound on certain server

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So, when I play on one TTT server on gmod, I don't hear any gun firing noise, just the pitter patter of bullet and the reload stuff. To the point- In console whenever a gun is fired, it says --Failed to load sound "weapons\quantum_gaming\weaponsk3\m4a1\m4_fire1.wav", file probably missing from disk/repository-- I'm aware I am missing the sound files and it is searching for things that don't exist. However, I'm not sure where to put the files.


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    I think the server has a custom sound that can't be downloaded or Garry's mod can't load the file.I can't remember it happen to me like 2 times
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    The thing is, in singleplayer, the same gun sounds work just fine, and no one else on the server has the same problem.
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    The server you're playing on probably has some sort of addon collection, you probably need to sub to it and the problem will be fixed.
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    I've already tried downloading that as well, allowing me to have all the things that would be there in the server, but aren't. Again, in singleplayer, everything works just as it should


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