Light seemingly passing through doors

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okay, so ive been working on this little map for a few weeks and have a couple of prop_door_rotating in the map, with a dulled down light source behind it (accompanied by a static fluorescent light prop) so it doesn't flood the level out with excessive light, but i have this stupid problem where it seems the light cast off from a light_spot or even just a light, protrudes through the door, like it was non existent which is not what i want. is this because the light is not dynamic?
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    You're in a tight spot here because of the way Source handles lights. Your light or light_spot is calculated during vrad compile and the static lightmaps are baked onto the textures. VRAD does not not take prop_door_rotating into consideration when calculation lights/light obstruction as far as I know and the light will pass through the door as if it is not there. there are some solutions but they're not optimal: you can insert a "blocklight" thin brush (1 unit) inside the door so your light_spot doesn't go behind the door or you can play around with the falloff settings (50% and 0%) so that the light practically dims to zero when it reaches the door. In both cases, there is a downside in that when you open the door, the other side will not have light casting because of the blocklight or falloff. You can tweak the light intensity or add some dim lights at the other side of the door to cover this effect but this is up to you to decide depending on the map geometry, other lights and goal of the map. Hope this helps Will2k
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    hmmm, i see. *rubs chin* taking into consideration that it might look too weird, it may not be out of the question to use a dynamic light, it will most likely be the only dynamic light in the map, so i guess it cannot hurt to use a dynamic light
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