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How do you hide the first person weapons in PAC 3?

So I'm working with PAC 3 in Gmod right now. I just found out about the thing where you can edit Viewmodels. So Right now I'm trying to replace the AR2 with an OCIW but I can't f**king figure out how to make the godd**n f**king AR2 model Invisible! I've tried searching on google, youtube, facepunch, I've looked at the GitHub wiki, I've read the tutorials I've watched the video tutorials, I went to mother f**king, I've looked EVEN looked at the steam discussions but mine is the only one about this subject and for the past Hour not CapsAdmin or anyone have even touched the topic page! I don't get it! I've read that adding an entity and ticking the "Hide Entity" box is supposed to work but NOPE it just hides the d**n OCIW model and not the AR2!! I swear if I have to start going back to google and flitering out every word from "Congradulations" to "Schizophrenia" again I am going to kill something!! ANYWAY IF SOMEBODY CAN HELP ME WITH THIS THEN THAT WOULD BE F**KING GREAT BECAUSE AS YOU CAN PROBABLY TELL BU THE EXCESSIVE PROFANITY, CAPS, AND EXCLAMATION MARKS I AM IN NEED OF HELP.


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