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I am looking for Voice Actors for a Portal 2 Project.

Hello I am looking for voice actors for a series of Portal 2 maps, im looking to map around 7 or 8 maps. So its going to take some time, although I have already completed the first map, which includes a walkway sequence and 2 test chambers. All I need is a solid voice actor to be the protagonist's sidekick, who will awaken the Protagonist and guide the player throughout the series. The voice obviously needs to be easy to understand and in English, im not really looking for a specific accent, as long as it sounds decent. You will be credited in the credits of the final map and the description of each map. There wont be much to say nigher, by the way. Just tell me you want to help out and I will send you the script. Thanks everyone, I may even post a WIP of the first map. Without voice acting.



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