How to change ammo amount ?

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need to give a weapon less ammo to carry, how?

Hello, am working hard on my HL2 ep2 SP-mod, (please see link and screenshot at bottum if your interested). I did add a sniper rifle to the mod and long ago some one explained to me how i could give it more ammo in its chamber and magazine. So i changed it, believe it was in a .cfg file. Now i want to change it again because otherwise the weapon is much to powerfull, when it can be used all the time. Just forgot which file i used to change it. Can someone please tell me were i can do this, have been looking in to this for quit some time now. Please help, Leon ![]( "") ![]( "") Mods Moddb page; []( "")
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    It's a .txt file located in the scripts folder (for the crossbow, it's "scripts/weapon_crossbow"). You have just to find the line "clip_size" and change the value...
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    So damn easy. For spare ammo, you'd go to whatever CFG file you've set it in, but since most people set their max ammo values in cfg/skill.cfg, that's probably where you should look at. Don't know what cvar you've set to control max ammo, but you can find it all there. For the max mag capacity, pretty easy too. Just go to scripts/weapon_(whatever).txt and fiddle with the "clip _size" parameter. wait, IT'S THIS MOD
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    Thanks guys! It will indeed be very easy for you to find this, but as a mapper i have no skills at all with this. But, did find the weapon_crossbow.txt in the scripts folder and changed it back. See if i only need to change this or also something to lower the amount of magazines. thanks,! Leon
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