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How would surf work out in Portal 2?

A Forum Thread for Portal 2

I really wondered: Some guys have made mods for all kind of games, included Portal 2... Now, how come Portal 2 doesn't have surf maps? I mean, the theme is perfect; surfing through Aperture Science and use momentum rules and stuff to solve it! How cool wouldn't that have been,and on Co-op friends could have a surf race to see who comes first and, then solve the rest of the chamber.. Someone should make this...


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    From a quick google, sv_airaccelerate doesn't exist in portal 2 and that seems to be the main reason. However it does somewhat possible as proved here. EDIT: further googling reveals that it is possible to edit sv_airaccelerate using sourcemod, so it is possible, but still is probably the main factor as to why surf maps don't exist.
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