Dota 2 Crashes when I join game?

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So I was messing around with dota 2 trying to make it run a bit faster. I used "dxlevel 81" and "nod3d9ex" because I was told it helps. As soon as it started crashing, I got rid of it, verified, reinstalled, etc. I see minidump files. One of them says: "dota_2014_0113_211507_0_accessviolation.mdmp" Any help on this? I don't know what to do, and I can't find a program to help me read them.


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    Here's one of the solutions found from other forums:

    > Thank you cestislife for your answer! Your second approach did the trick! The game is finally running!
    >For those who suffer the same problem, here's how I did it:
    >- Copy your Scrolls-Installer.msi to an easy-to-find folder (i.e. c:\asdf)
    >- Open a console (press Win + R, type "cmd", press Enter)
    >- change to your directory your .msi is within (via "cd c:\asdf")
    >- type "msiexec /a Scrolls-Installer.msi /qb TARGETDIR="c:\asdf\extract", press Enter and wait
    >- type "exit" and press Enter to close the console
    >- copy the files within c:\asdf\extract\ to the folder you want to install the game
    >- run scrolls.exe, have fun
    >This is also a workaround to set a different installation path for scrolls.
    >Thanks everyone!

    Hope this helps. I've also read that re-installing your graphics card would solve the issue as well regarding the things he did:

    >1. Unistalled all nividia drvier from control panel
    >2. Downloaded Driver fusion from steam
    >3. Deleted every single thing related to Nvidia
    >4. Installed 314.22

    Though, it's your risk. I'm not sure what might happen.
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