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Recruiting for total conversion Mod for GTA IV

Hello modding community! Recruiting has begun for a total conversion mod to GTA IV. The project will need several people to contribute in any areas they would like. We will need the help of Scipters, Modelers, Story writers, Voice actors, and more! I don't want to give away any specific details of the story but I will say think LCPD FR (First Repsonse). If you are interested in learning more please send me a message or reply to this topic. Happy Modding!! -DragonSkin


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    You may want to tell people what your mod is about, or at the very least what experience you and your team have, that way they will be more inclined to help.
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    Thank you for your response!

    I can't release A LOT of information on the story aspect as I want this to be a true gaming experience. I can however elaborate a little on the overall idea.

    This would be a short story mod consisting of approximately 5-10 story missions plus zone capture and random defend scenarios. I would write the story or if anyone would like to have input I would be interested in a co-writer(s) as well. I have conceptualized the foundation for the story and just need to fill in the blanks. Of course I will not talk about it with just anyone! You must join the team first, then I will explain the details, or else it would not be worth having a story to begin with!

    **In this mod you would be a member of the Liberty City Police Department. Potentially it would use LCPD FR as a foundation to get us started. "Mr Mysterious" has been sent a recruit message or at the very least, a request to use LCPD FR in this mod. All story missions & side missions would be geared towards bringing the LCPD criminals to their knees, or put in a body bag!**__

    There will be MANY other existing mods that will have a place in this project. I would be submitting requests to the authors of selected existing mods to use their creations. I want to reduce the development time as much as possible to try to get it rolled out quicker. This will also bring greater exposure to more mod authors. Vehicles (including police cars obviously), weapons, clothing, etc will be needed.

    There will also be new buildings.

    Julionib (one of the authors of Iron Man IV) has been recruited to this project.

    DragonSkin - 3D modeling, textures, and rigging are my areas of expertise.

    Join my team!


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