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A Forum Thread for Counter-Strike: Condition Zero


Hello everyone. I'm new on the website, and I'm not english so sorry if I make some mistakes while writing. So, my problem, I played condition zero for a while, and I'm not playing it any longer, but I would like to find the name of a music I Heard like 4/5 years ago. It's an arabic sound that was usually putted on server's while it was loading the maps. It was a sound with a really good flow. not like slowly, and in fact I Guess it was a arabic sound, but i'm not sure, cause i don't speak arabic. But I guess it was, or Indian music like bollywood. I don't know how to explain but i tried to find this song really hard on youtube and google and i can't find it. --" If someone can help me, i will be gratefull. Ty bro's.


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    There are 2 ways you would hear music during the loading screen. 1- The server has a mod that plays music from the server selected by the admins. Which unless you remembered the server, it is very unlikely that you could find the song that played. 2- During the loading screen the game will play any cd that is in Your cd drive. So either you had a music cd in the drive or another disk that had a song on it. This is where i would start searching if I were you. What music cds did you have at that time or what games that have disks did you play at that time.
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    "The server has a mod that plays music from the server selected by the admins." That's right, it was it. But you know everyone heard this song I'm absolutly sure! We just forget it, and then, when we wanted to find it, we can't. lol
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    IT wasn't that music, but thanks! In fact, that music was like a fast music, not a slow sound... God damn it, since this morning i think about it.


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